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We are participating in Lonely Planet's BlogSherpa with one of our blogs, Florence Journal. I applaud LP for their efforts to reach out to bloggers and for making the relationship beneficial to us. The LP site has a lot of Google juice, a lot of traffic, and they let you show ads on pages they host with your content using your AdSense account. It is a very fair deal and we are happy to have been accepted in the program.

That being said, it is new and they are trying to keep up. There have been a lot of questions on their list from people struggling to grasp how to integrate AdSense into their BlogSherpa accounts. I wrote the below to help out any people having trouble with the set up:

Log into your AdSense account - you'll see your publisher ID in the upper right hand corner - make sure LP has this number.

Click the "AdSense Setup" tab, and then click "Channels". Under the "AdSense for Content" tab, click "URL channels" and then click "+ Add new URL channels" and enter lonelyplanet.com (this step just sets up your tracking so you can see if people click on your AdSense ads on the LP site).

Finally, click on "Allowed Sites" on the right hand side of the main menu tabs - if "Allow any site to show ads for my account " is selected, you are fine. If "Only allow certain sites to show ads for my account" you need to add the LP URL in the field below.

That's it - just make sure LP has your correct Publisher ID. Sometimes you won't see ads from Google in a spot where you expect for a lot of reasons - your geographical location, your time on the site, your browsing history, etc. It doesn't mean other people are not seeing them. That is why setting up the URL channel is good so you can see the stats for your ads on the LP site.

Hope this helps everyone a bit.

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