Web ads and how you see them

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This article starts with the question:

"Do you think you're more likely to look at an online ad if it contains 1) a picture, 2) an animation, or 3) just text?"

I knew the answer - but you should check it out yourself. The story is nominally a review of "Eyetracking Web Usability" by (the somewhat controversial) Jakob Nielsen and Kara Pernice (I say controversial because some people out there don't buy his "science" of the web and how sites should be constructed, etc.).

It continues:

Then there was the result that most surprised the researchers: Text-only ads received the most looks. Part of that might be b ecause we accidentally think text-only ads are part of the information we're looking for. But as Nielsen explains it, the nature of the Web itself might be coming into play, as well. Unlike television, which is a passive medium, the Web is all about taking action

Read more at: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1936426,00.html

Hat tip to Ruth at St. John Spice for pointing this article out to me.

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