Case Studies

| Comment have a few new clients who we are helping - either to improve the user experience and functionality of their websites, or to increase their traffic and commerce (or both). I am going to try to present them here as case studies, and I am going to focus on one in particular: The Cordon Bleu School of Florence.

This is one of those sites that really got off on the wrong foot - and now is stuck with no organic search traffic. A quick list of the issues: a wasted gateway/entrance page, an all image navigation system, extensive use of pop-up windows, lots of missing information, bad English translations, no site map, bad page titles, file names and directory structure, etc. etc. etc. We just got a hold of this site and we are going to work on it in stages due to the budget. First thing will be a new home page that clearly explains what you can find on the site and where, a text based navigation system, a site map, and better page titles and files names.

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