Five Reasons Why Developers are Switching to Mac... really?

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Interesting post over at smashingmagazine...Not sure I agree with all five reasons... I can see if you are a developer and work either for yourself or you are in a position to make that decisions that will effect an enterprise-wide change in your firms development/deployment environment... if not you may not have much of a choice.

Five Reasons Why Developers are Switching to Mac

Designers and developers have many choices to make when it comes to getting work done, from what frameworks, languages, and image editing software to use, to what platform to run. The latter is an oft debated and controversial topic and the mere mention of it risks setting off flame wars of epic proportions, so in the interest of sanity, we'll try to avoid any direct comparisons to other operating systems.

It's no secret that there has been a growing trend in recent years toward developers, especially of the web variety, choosing a Mac as their main dev machine. In this two-part series, we will examine some of the reasons behind this trend, look at some of the pitfalls of switching to the Mac, and go over the must-have software and configurations every switcher should be aware of.

Anthony, you have been Mac guy since the Mets where actually a good team... any thoughts?

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