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We are more than 15 years into this web thing. It is about time that amateurs (because that is what you are) start to grasp the basics of common sense.

First of all, most websites are small business websites - people that want to be found to sell their crap to us. So don't forget you have a client, and that they are probably busy trying to run their business and not their website (that is where you came in). When you set up something new, stick to a few basic concepts - like calling things by their names, as in the real world. Don't use cryptic acronyms or abbreviations. If you are making a website and there is geography involved, say states, call them by their names - like - not which means nothing to anyone.

Keep that in mind. Then when you name a file, think the same way - the HTML page is about NY? Then call it something like about-new-york.html - not pages1ny76.html

These concepts are not hard, and should extend as far into database creation as possible also. If the URL is eventually going to have to include a query string or data base table name for some reason, at least try to use plain, simple words - with dashes-in-between if necessary.

These little tips can go a long - LONG - way in making whatever you are doing a success, for you, and your client.

Have a nice day.

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