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cordon-bleu-new.jpgWe really believe in leveraging third party (read FREE) tools into our projects. Google is really great at providing applications that can be integrated with websites - like their calendar. As we develop the new site for the Cordon Bleu Cooking School of Florence (old site!), we are utilizing,, and the Google Calendar. One issue we had was being able to display the daily course schedule in English and Italian to end users, but to have the admin(s) only maintain one calendar.

After some searching we found a post on the Google Calendar Help group that solved our problem: you can append to the end of the iframe tag (used to embed your calendar into an html page) a language parameter that will force the calendar to display in the specified language. The code is &hl=(2 letter code) - or for example for German the code would be: &hl=de There are also some additional variables.

Here is a list of the codes Google is supporting:

- Chinese (Simplified): &hl=zh_CN
- Chinese (Traditional): &hl=zh_TW
- Brazilian Portuguese: &hl=pt_BR
- British English: &hl=en_GB
- Danish: &hl=da
- Dutch: &hl=nl
- Finnish: &hl=fi
- French: &hl=fr
- German: &hl=de
- Italian: &hl=it
- Japanese: &hl=ja
- Korean: &hl=ko
- Norwegian: &hl=no
- Polish: &hl=pl
- Russian: &hl=ru
- Spanish: &hl=es
- Swedish: &hl=sv

You can find the post that discusses this here.

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