Tracking outbound clicks with Google Analytics

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You would think this would be easy - Google Analytics is such a sophisticated product and really can do some amazing things (for some examples just do a search on something like "top ten Google Analytics tips").

But searching around for this, even searching the exact phrase "Tracking outbound clicks with Google Analytics", first brings you to an outdated (!) page on Google's own website (why Google is not smart enough to point to the more relevant new page is beyond my area of expertise).

When you finally find what you are looking for, you get a detailed yet lacking explanation of how to track outbound clicks. Two examples are given - for (the newer) Asynchronous Code (which seems to be the only code still available) and for the older Traditional (ga.js) Code (you will have to decide which one to use - but if you are not using the newer code now is probably a good time to update to it anyway).

You have to put this extra code into the HTML Head of all your pages - (extra meaning that you also need to have your regular Google Analytics code in place). The key part which took some trial an error on my part, is that this code must be ABOVE the regular part of your Analytics code. I know this would probably seem logical to most people, but why something this simple can't be better explained, and an example shown, is beyond me. Unfortunately while it sounds relatively simple here, this process, by the dozens if not hundreds of posts you can find and variations and permutations there are of it, has driven hundreds of people insane.

So remember - to track clicks using Events in Google Analytics, go here for the latest code, place it in your HTML head before your Google Analytics code, change the parameters accordingly in your links (detailed also on the page linked to), and then wait a day to see your results. They should appear as "Events" in your "Content" category menu, and you can drill down further from there for specific results. Good luck -

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