Troubleshooting session states in Movable Type 4

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So I am running one install of Movable Type Pro (at the moment version 4.23-en with the Community Pack 1.61 and Professional Pack 1.21) but I am using this install for several projects (or trying to!). 

On a new site I am developing, I had the issue of being forgotten from page to page when logged in - or seemingly forgotten. When I would navigate within the site the sign in area at the top left would tell me "Sign In" (even though I already had) - if I clicked on "Sign In", I did become "Signed In" without actually having to go back to a log in screen.

I posted about this issue here on the MT forums, and with a hint from Rob I was able to see that in fact the cookie was not being set correctly. Then something funny happened - I clicked on a "tag" of the new site, which performs a search, and I was magically logged in again. Aha - I checked out the search template and saw that in the head of the template there is some javascript:

<script type="text/javascript"> /* <![CDATA[ */ var user = <$mt:UserSessionState$>; /* ]]> */ </script>

I added this code to the Header template module right after the open HEAD tag, and now everything seems to be working. I still have some extraneous code issues, but if you were having the same sessions issue as me, this code does seem to work.

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