Fleshing out the new site

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We are busy here just trying to get the feel for the new site. Playing with the style sheet, coming up with the categories, etc. I think one of the things I have decided is that this will definitely be a work in progress type site. We are going to tell you what we are doing as we do it. You will see the mistakes (and hopefully the successes) as they happen.

A little bit about the nuts and bolts. This site is being run with MovableType. This is commonly known as blog software but it really is much more than that and can be very powerful when used as a Content Management System (CMS). I am not going to pretend I know a lot about MovableType - it can get fairly complex, but there are a lot of places to get help with it and there are also other versions (TypePad for example) that are available depending on your needs.

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