Network Solutions "Front Running" domain names

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Does Network Solutions "Front Run" domain names? Yes - they did it to me recently. I searched for a domain for client, using the Network Solutions site out of habit. A couple of days later, when the client indicated they did want the name, I tried to register it at GoDaddy, but it was listed as taken. I was sort of shocked, because the name was very specific to their business and contained many dashes "-".

So I went back to Network Solutions, and there I was able to register the name - at three times the price. I think this practice is wrong on a lot of levels, but the main one is that contrary to what Netsol CEO Champ Mitchell is saying to the media lately ("After the search ends, we will put the domain name on reserve. During this reservation period, the name is not active. If a customer searches for the domain again during the next four days at, the domain will be available to register. If the domain name is not purchased within four days, it will be released back to the registry and will be generally available for registration."), it is bad for the consumer. Their pricing is prohibitive to other registrars, and just because someone searched on a name, doesn't mean it should be temporarily taken off the market, in effect giving Netsol a monopoly on that name for several days. This issue needs to be addressed by ICANN or someone who has the regulatory powers to ban such practices.

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