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We use a Yahoo! store for our shopping and e-commerce solution (I still call it a "store" - they now call it Yahoo! Merchant Solutions - which shows you how long I have been doing this!). Using a Yahoo! store also gives us a gateway for charging our advertising customers (we did already have our own merchant account, but no terminal). I did a lot of shopping around and comparing of what else was on the market before I picked the Yahoo! solution. Overall, I would have to say that we have been pretty happy with it - it is very powerful, and if you get into their special flavor of mark-up, a lot can be done as far as customizing the look and feel of the site, etc. Another reason I was extremely happy I choose Yahoo! was that I almost choose a solution from FedEx, which they then stopped offering a couple of years later. That would have been a major hassle to have to suddenly have found another solution and to have all the time invested in it gone to waste.

So, while I am still okay with the Yahoo! store solution, a lot has happened in the last couple of years and I am definitely behind the curve on it (they have changes the pricing structure, the features, etc.). I plan to re-evaluate the whole store this summer and make a choice by no later than September to either stick with Yahoo! or possibly change to something else.

Here are some useful links if you are thinking about checking out a Yahoo! Merchant Solution:

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