I love Twitter

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Ok, I finally get it... we all need to know exactly what others in our so called social network are up to at any given time. Like when I wake up in the morning, I make sure I quickly twitter, usually some short and sweet tweets like this:

- Making some coffee, I hate Mondays!!!
- Getting dressed now, need some new clothes
- Leaving for work now, I should get there soon

This way others feel more connected to me... not only that, but I can show others in my network how important I am. So I may drop some tweets like this, once I get to work:

- Sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to Sydney for the Web Strategic Summit 09
- Sitting in first class...hope they play "Dream Girls"
- Just arrived in Sydney...these people talk funny

So you see, this is why you too should Twitter... and Twitter as often as you can... get connected, stay connected... embrace the universal connectedness to your peers.

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