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Spam is illegal

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I have a very difficult time convincing many clients that you can't just add random email addresses to your newsletter list, etc. Most people just don't take it seriously. But spam is not only annoying - but illegal. Case in point - Papa John's.

I know a small business owner is probably never going to be gone after in the same way - but a fact is a fact. Spamming anyone, via text, email, etc. is bad business, bad manners, and against the law. Don't do it.

Media habits of teenagers

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Some amazing information in this report from the Kaiser Family Foundation: Generation M2: Media in the Lives of 8- to 18-Year-Olds (this came out in January 2010). If you are a marketer you need to read this report, and realize that these are tomorrow's adults too!

The link above is the home page of the report - the PDF is here.

Using press releases to increase organic search

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There is a good article up on the increasingly relevant WebProNews site about using press releases: How Press Releases Can Be Great For Search

It includes this handy list, which should be indispensable for all web marketers:

- Business Wire
- PR Newswire
- PRWeb
- 24-7 Press Release
- PR Zoom
- PR Leap
- I-Newswire
- Webwire
- ClickPress
- PR Log
- eReleases

Excellent Article on the Digg Algorithm

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If you are wondering how the Digg algorithm works, a good place to start is right here.

Specifically I think these are the most salient facts to consider:

  • Voting is the dominant component.

  • Timing of the votes matter.

  • Who submitted the content by domain and submitter.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

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A quick, simple, and effective video introducing affiliate marketing - with a specific example using Commission Junction:

Google Friend Connect

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Im not sure what to make of this yet...Basically Google Friend Connect lets you add what they call "social features" to your website.

With the social bar, your visitors will be able to see crucial info at a glance and engage with social features through convenient drop-down gadgets.
  • On the far left, visitors can join your site, see their identity, and edit their profiles and settings.

  • Your visitors can also delve into your site's activity stream to see what's happening throughout your site. It includes links to recent posts made anywhere on your site, helping other visitors quickly find where the hottest conversations are taking place.

  • The wall gadget can host a discussion for the whole site, a section of pages, or each individual page, letting your visitors easily read and leave comments.

  • Lastly, visitors can see the other members of your site, check out their profiles to see how like-minded they really are, and even become friends.

Here is a quick overview:

I love Twitter

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Ok, I finally get it... we all need to know exactly what others in our so called social network are up to at any given time. Like when I wake up in the morning, I make sure I quickly twitter, usually some short and sweet tweets like this:

- Making some coffee, I hate Mondays!!!
- Getting dressed now, need some new clothes
- Leaving for work now, I should get there soon

This way others feel more connected to me... not only that, but I can show others in my network how important I am. So I may drop some tweets like this, once I get to work:

- Sitting in LAX waiting for my flight to Sydney for the Web Strategic Summit 09
- Sitting in first class...hope they play "Dream Girls"
- Just arrived in Sydney...these people talk funny

So you see, this is why you too should Twitter... and Twitter as often as you can... get connected, stay connected... embrace the universal connectedness to your peers.

Search Engine Ranking Factors

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Web 2.0 vs Web 3.0

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This is an interesting take on web 2.0 vs web 3.0 from Eric Schmidt CEO of Google.

At the Seoul Digital Forum in May 2007, he was asked to define Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. He responded:

"Web 2.0 is a marketing term, and I think you've just invented Web 3.0. But if I were to guess what Web 3.0 is, I would tell you that it's a different way of building applications... My prediction would be that Web 3.0 will ultimately be seen as applications which are pieced together. There are a number of characteristics: the applications are relatively small, the data is in the cloud, the applications can run on any device, PC or mobile phone, the applications are very fast and they're very customizable. Furthermore, the applications are distributed virally: literally by social networks, by email. You won't go to the store and purchase them... That's a very different application model than we've ever seen in computing"

Search Engine Marketing, Inc.

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This is one of our favorite books here at iBizDaily - written by a former colleague - it is the go to guide on the subject. We highly recommend it.


| Comment is a new micro site I am developing. This is part labor of love, part testing of ideas, and part building some traffic (hopefully) for another related business.

We have had a lot of luck with something that most people think is now passe - and that is literal domain names that match search terms. My theory is this - cool domain names are cool - they can be catchy, and that is great, especially if you are Facebook or Google. But - if you have a focused site or niche (i.e. it is small and it is always going to be small) and you really want to be at the top of organic search results for it, having a domain name that matches keywords can be very important. We have tested a few small sites using this method and we rank #1 on Google for all of them.

So has been live since yesterday - let's see how long it takes to show up in Google.

YouTube Videos Pull In Real Money

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I mean this is too cool - there is so much crap on the web (yes, I said it) but here are a couple of real success stories - people making something that other people really want to see, and actually getting compensated for it:

"Mr. Williams, who counts about 180,000 subscribers to his videos, said he was earning $17,000 to $20,000 a month via YouTube. Half of the profits come from YouTube's advertisements, and the other half come from sponsorships and product placements within his videos, a model that he has borrowed from traditional media."

More here.

WebProNews Video

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web-pro-news.gifWebProNews has a video site (they call it "Beaking E-Business News"). They caught up with the host and creator of Search Marketing Expo Danny Sullivan Editor-In-Chief of and the President of Chris Elwell who are the producers of Search Marketing Expo in Seattle. Danny and Chris share how SMX was put together and the future events for SMX.

There is a lot of good video to look at and some real meat and potatoes stuff for webmasters and marketers.

Case Studies

| Comment have a few new clients who we are helping - either to improve the user experience and functionality of their websites, or to increase their traffic and commerce (or both). I am going to try to present them here as case studies, and I am going to focus on one in particular: The Cordon Bleu School of Florence.

This is one of those sites that really got off on the wrong foot - and now is stuck with no organic search traffic. A quick list of the issues: a wasted gateway/entrance page, an all image navigation system, extensive use of pop-up windows, lots of missing information, bad English translations, no site map, bad page titles, file names and directory structure, etc. etc. etc. We just got a hold of this site and we are going to work on it in stages due to the budget. First thing will be a new home page that clearly explains what you can find on the site and where, a text based navigation system, a site map, and better page titles and files names.

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