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Just a thought: Google is lame. I mean, Google is great - search for the most part, Gmail, Google maps, and tons of other useful, nearly indispensable stuff... but at the same time, I think that the mantra of Larry and Sergey of "Don't be evil" doesn't hold up anymore, and that in the sprawl of what they are doing (web browsers, high speed Internet access, applications, social networking, etc.) they have really dropped the ball on SEARCH. When they started, yes, we needed to know where the website of a thing we were looking for was, and let's face it, Google worked at that better than anyone at the time. A few years later, a lot has changed on the web, but Google's main search really hasn't. I am really tired of finding 3 or 5 or 7 year old websites for topics where new things are much more relevant. And tired of not finding stuff that sometimes appears (like Twitter results) and sometimes doesn't - based on what? We never know, because too much of what Google does is still secret. Which is sort of a crock anyway - what they did, follow text links to their relevant sites and then rank those sites as most probable to be about what the text link says, is really no big deal (not to diminish the technology and the fact that yes, they made it work). Webmasters and SEOs have been pulling their hair out over this secret formula/algorithm for years - it is a whole industry unto itself now - but for what, really? If your site is relevant, live, legitimate, and people link to it and come to it, unless you have screwed something else up royally, you should be just fine in all matter of search engines after a period of time. In the end, 99% of the other crap webmasters worry about (how many h2 tags does this page have?) is crap.

So what is my point? Google search needs to change - they need to change their results more often, refreshen the index more, give new and news site more credence, and at some point and for some topics they need to admit that the "algorithm" does not know all and do some human, qualitative analysis of their search results. And stuff like Twitter results and in the future perhaps Facebook, etc. (anywhere that is as important as those sites are to millions of web users) should be at the top of the page as an option for a user to search or not - not show up when Google feels like it.

Keep developing, keep striving, but don't forget what brought you to the dance.

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