So your hard drive crashed - now what?

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This my first post to iBizDaily and it really is not about Internet Business, but the just the other day my main workstation, where it feels like I spend 50% of my life, crashed. When I finally got it to boot again, one of the hard drives was not visible to the operating system.

The first thing I did was pull the hard drive out of the computer and put in and external enclosure. If you don't have one, you can buy one. After this experience I bought the Thermaltake Blacx because then you don't have to take apart the enclosure when you move the drive around. It also has an eSata interface for much faster data transfer speeds. It also handles notebook hard-drives as well. Perfect. Also with the price of hard drives getting cheaper and cheaper it makes for stellar backup system.

After connecting the hard drive to the system, Windows could see the drive in the disk management utility, but it said there was no partitions on the drive. Oh swell. But don't panic. What you want to get is a utility called GetDataBack for NTFS. Pay the $79 dollars. There is lifetime update policy. What GetDataBack does is reads the hard drive natively and allows you to copy the files off of it that are recoverable. It is not fool proof, but it amazing. I was able to recover all the files on my hard drive, including 2 months of family photo's that were not backed-up.

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