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I just got an email newsletter from and it reminded that I have been wanting to post about sites that host video that you can then use on your website or blog.

I started using Viddler after I noticed that Wine Library TV was using it. Before that was using Brightcove - but my new favorite in this space is Vimeo.

Of course the 800 lb. gorilla in web vidoe is YouTube - but I find YouTube both ugly (the interface) and too advertising dominated - and as great as Google is, it is nice to see them have some real competition in some areas. Vimeo especially has a very clean interface and all the controls disappear once the video starts playing (until you mouse over it again) which I like very much.

So what can you do with pretty much all of the above sites? Basically you upload your videos from your computer (in several formats) and then these sites do their own encoding of that video and host it. People can watch it on the video hosting sites, or you grab some code and embed the video into your own site. It is pretty simple and straightforward, and probably easier than hosting your own video and embedding a flash player or messing with Quicktime, AVI files, etc. You also don't have the bandwith concerns of hosting and streaming large files.

Additionally, many of these sites feature social tools where other people can rate and share your videos, etc. which gives the added benefit of getting your video more exposure (if that is what you want).

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