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coral-world-website.jpgWe finally finished a new website for Coral World St. Thomas. This was a difficult project - the client had a strong sense of what they wanted the site to look like, and a lot of time was spent making their vision fit into the new site. Once the look and feel were decided upon, we finalized a template and were able to make it work with the existing content. There are still tables at use, but we used as much CSS as we felt comfortable with. It looks great across all browsers and platforms. The most important thing on our end was that it delivered a brand new CMS (the whole site is built on Movable Type) system to the client. It is always bittersweet doing a job like this for an established client - we gain a one time design job, but then lose on the recurring revenue of maintenance work - but - honestly, who wants to copy and paste Word docs into new HTML, hand code links, and maintain a site map? We also gave them a lot of new functionality (posting new articles/press releases, email alerts, site search, automated site map, RSS feed) that was mostly made possible by using MT, as well as a couple of small touches (like the favorite icon) that I really like and think are important and give the site some polish.

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