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Orsanmichele.net is a new micro site I am developing. This is part labor of love, part testing of ideas, and part building some traffic (hopefully) for another related business.

We have had a lot of luck with something that most people think is now passe - and that is literal domain names that match search terms. My theory is this - cool domain names are cool - they can be catchy, and that is great, especially if you are Facebook or Google. But - if you have a focused site or niche (i.e. it is small and it is always going to be small) and you really want to be at the top of organic search results for it, having a domain name that matches keywords can be very important. We have tested a few small sites using this method and we rank #1 on Google for all of them.

So Orsanmichele.net has been live since yesterday - let's see how long it takes to show up in Google.

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