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Starting in 2010 (so that would be now) we are back in the website business. For various reasons I wasn't taking on outside work (other than that of people I already knew) but for various reasons we are back in the marketplace.

I prefer to focus on things that hold an interest to me personally and fit in with my expertise - destination travel, the Caribbean, Italy, wine, etc. For example, I don't want to make a website for a candle shop - anywhere. We specialize in travel and tourism marketing/destination content, with a sprinkling of food and wine, and some art, architecture and history sprinkled on top.

We prefer to use available tools, are into LAMP, like to try to code to standards, and must work in an environment with a CMS (preferably Movable Type). We can give you everything you need, but we'll work to keep the price real. We can start small and grow with you, from a flat site with a few pages, to dynamic sites with all the latest tools, bells, and whistles. E-commerce is also available at various levels of sophistication. SEO is built in. Reporting is by Google Analytics. Social networking is available.

If you have any interest we opened up a business card type of site here with an example of our work and contact info - I will be adding links to more client work soon.

Happy 2010 -


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